Digestive health Naturaly
“May your Food be your first Medicine!” This sentence attributed to Hippocrates, the “father” of Western medicine, shows that from ancient Greece, the wise man started to establish the link between Food and Health.
Almost 25 centuries later, scientists discovered the essential role of the microbiota in digestive function and in the relationship between Food and Health. Thus, in 1999, Professor Michael Gershon, Neuro-Gastro-Enterologist at Columbia University (New York) for the first time qualifies the intestine as “Second Brain”.
From now on, for the scientific community, Food, Microbiota and Digestive Function appear to be closely involved in maintaining Health, in particular through the regulation of our nervous, immune and hormonal systems.
The name we gave to our company EUPEPTIS  comes from the Greek “Eupeptic” which means “Improves digestive function”. Our vision is to combine Naturality, Science and Technology  for a single purpose :
Improve the digestive function for the Health and Well-Being of Everyone !